Reseller Program



For over 62 years the name alone has evoked a smile and a good time...


Taste a handful of BEER NUTS® Brand Snacks and you too will appreciate what makes this unique sweet and salty taste the passion of serious snack lovers everywhere.


The most passionate of them all was Russell Shirk, the founder of the BEER NUTS family.  He spent his days selling the nuts by the scoop at the family owned ‘Caramel Crisp Shop,’ and his nights packaging them for local liquor stores in our hometown of Bloomington, Illinois.  Because they were the perfect complement to a beer, BEER NUTS acquired its name in 1953, and quickly became the undisputed snack of choice in bars and taverns throughout America.


Today, BEER NUTS® Brand Snacks includes Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds, as well as many other snack varieties – something for every nut lover for every nutty occasion.  Yet, our original recipe remains exactly the same, as does our commitment to producing only the best quality snack products possible.  Russell wouldn’t have it any other way.


If you are a tavern, craft beer vendor, fun corner bar, basket business, golf course looking to add fun to the game, or a reseller of any kind, we are here for you. The program will allow you to purchase anything available in our store or on our website with our Reseller discount.      


Interested? Email us at or contact our Reseller team at 309-585-6153 to receive an application packet.  Once it is filled out and approved you can begin taking full advantage of the Reseller Program online and in our Company Stores.